Why Does My Car Tinting Bubble?

IMG_1557Car tinting can move over time and result in what is commonly known as “finger bubbles”. There are 4 main causes of finger bubbles you need to be aware of in order to proactively avoid them, or if need be fix them.

Surface Discrepancy

This can occur in areas such as the side or rear windows of your car. Surface discrepancy occurs due to a flat film being placed on a compound curved peice of glass. Generally this is prevented at the installation stage with techniques such as wet shrink or dry shrink being preferred. Unfortunately if this has
not been the focus during installation, your tint may bubble within a few days of the job being done.

Stress or Shifting Finger

Occuring mostly on the side window (but also on the rear at times), this is caused due to a shifting of the film due to insufficient anchoring during installation. Inadquate or ineffective use of the hard tool to ensure the best possible anchor is achieve may result in the film shifting, leaving you with an uneven film on your window, especially towards the top. Additionally the quality of the window film may be the issue as lower quality film may be less adhesive.

Exposure to Moisture

This can show up on rear and side windows, and is a result of moisture being drawn up into the window film during the installation. This can be prevented with the removal of door covers and panels in order to remove any moisture source to begin with.

Weakened Adhesive

As previously mentioned, some window films have weak adhesives, whislt others have very agressive adhesives. A film with a less than desireable adhesive will create an air bubble after being installed. The second reason for this type of issue is the utilisation of an incorrect solution mixture. Too much soap, or the wrong soap choice could result in a weakened adhesive despite the correct film being utilised.

When discussing your car tinting needs, take the time to ensure your installer has the right level of knolwedge in relation to what causes air bubble fingers, and what systems and processes they undertake in order to prvent them. Most importantly it is highly recommended to have a clear understanding about your rights of repair should an air bubble appear name the timeframe the work is guaranteed for, in addition to an additional costs.