The benefits of Home Window Tinting

Perth home window tinting companyWindows Open Up Living…But

Windows are a great way to open your home to natural light. There is a lot to be said for looking out of your window to enjoy warmth and the beauty of the world. Unfortunately there is also a downside such as high energy costs to reduce heat, annoying glare, and damage to your precious valuables.

Increase Your Privacy

When installed correctly, your window tinting can make it extremely difficult for anyone wanting to see inside your home. This will allow you the freedom to enjoy your home without feeling self conscious or needing to close the curtains for fear of being spied on.

Protect Your Homes Assets

In addition to reducing the amount of heat allowed in your home, a quality window film will protect the numerous assets that lie within. You may not have thought it, however consistent exposure to sunlight will decrease the lifespan of assets such as curtains, furniture and even flooring. In order to protect these assets, you are best served with a window film with a high percetnage of ultraiolet light rejectgion.

Protect Your Health

In addition to your homes assets, ultraviolet light also poses a risk to your health. It is the main reason for sunburn and is one of the know risk factors with skin cancer. The importance of this point cannot be lost on the fact that the Skin Cancer Foundation has now given its seal of approval to select window films that reduce this threat.

Reduced Energy Costs

It’s been argued that a large proportion of a homes utility bills are wasted by loss of heat, and increased heat gain via untread windows. Utilising a thin window film (so it is virtually impossible to see), you can save money with your cooling costs.

Reduce That Annoying Glare

There are certain times of the day when the sun is simply at the most annoying angle possible, delivery a very annoying glare right into your home. Home window tint can reduce glare by as much as 85%, therby making it much easier to use your computer, watch tv, or simply look outside.