Window Tinting For Commercial Assets

As Perths most dependable mobile tinting service, we understand the requirement to keep commercial vehicles in the best standing possible.  Ineffective or sub standard window tinting on commercial equipment leads to operator discomfort, decreased productivity and increased costs.    Effective window tinting ensures your heavy equipment operators are consistently protected.  Quality tinting is able to block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, thereby mitigating a serious OH&S risk. 

Increase Comfort Levels

Machinery operators will be more productive due to an increased comfort level. Reduced glare and heat will result in less distractions, increased focus and an increased positive work environment.

Decrease Fuel Costs

With the increased heat reduction, the use of air conditioning systems will not be as prevalent.  This reduced usage will result in decreased fuel consumption and cost savings.

Decrease Maintenance Costs

Sun damage is a common occurrence inside the cab of any type of heavy machinery.  Not only does this once again lead to operator discomfort and lower productivity, it also increases your maintenance costs.  By significantly reducing harmful UV rays, window tinting protects the interior of the cab thereby increasing the longevity of all assets contained within.