Our Goal: For You To Make The Best Car Window Tinting Buying Decision Possible


What Do You Want Your Tint To Achieve?

There are many different reasons for wanting window tinting on your car.  Some examples could be:

  • To block out glare
  • To increase privacy
  • Make your car look more attractive
  • To protect your interior
  • To reduce built up heat

Once you are clear on the reason for wanting tint on your car, you are now in the best position possible to choose the right style of window film.

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Not All Window Film Is Created Equal


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You Need The Right Film For Your Car

Window film is not a one type fits all solution.  Unfortunately when you shop by price (ie looking for the cheapest price possible), you will be quoted on a film that may not be the best fit for your type of car.  It will however be the cheapest so if ultimately that is what you seek, then that is the pathway for you.  If however you are looking for a long term result, ie your window tinting to last and be effective over the long haul, then price should be way down your list of concerns.

  • Get the right tint for your car
  • Ensure it does the job you seek
  • Understand how long it should last
  • Understand how to maintain it
  • Then look at who can give you the best deal

Ensuring you identify the right style of window film for your car first will ensure you make the best buying decision possible

Vehicles use all different types of glass and as such, the adhesiveness required will vary depending upon your make and model. A cheap service provider will simply put the cheapest product on your car, and it may look good, however it won’t last, and more than likely won’t be effective when it comes to UV protection. Over time it will bubble, lose adhesiveness and come away from the glass, resulting in an unsightly and ineffective window tint.

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At Dynamic Window Tinting – We Care About Your “Why”

Our first priority is to fully understand exactly what you are looking to achieve with the tinting of your car windows.  Once we have this full understanding we will present all options that are available to you in order for you to achieve your outcome.  Our passion is ensuring you make the best buying decision possible and as such the direction you are heading may result in us recommending an alternate supplier, however we are more than fine with that.

We want to ensure you receive the most optimal outcome possible by way of value for money, quality of window film, and longevity of your car tinting application.  We go above and beyond to ensure you get the best advice possible, in addition to the highest level of customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.

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