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Western Australia Experiences Harsh Sun Damage

Due to the harsh Western Australian climate, having quality window tint protection on your car, home, or commercial assets is essential for asset protection, longevity, and your own personal comfort level. Additionally, the right kind of tinting film will offer you privacy and protection. We have a wide range of tinting films to suit your specific circumstances. Give us a call and we'll work out what is best for you

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Car Window Tinting Options

When it comes to deciding what window tinting is best for your car, unfortunately most people make the decision based on price. While price is certainly important (and we all want the best deal right!!), the most important factor to consider is the suitability of the selected film for your car. All too often, we find ourselves reapplying car tinting as it has bubbled, cracked, or peeled away. The reason is that the choice of film was incorrect for the type of vehicle and in most instances the purchase decision was based on price alone.

Like most purchases in life, you are much better off paying for the correct quality product, as opposed to paying multiple times fixing inferior applications that were not suited to your needs in the first place.

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